3 Simple Ways to Clear Energetic Blocks



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Here's the thing - energetic blocks are massive limitations on what you can do in your life. They include things like old, heavy, stuck emotions which have been held in the body and beliefs from childhood (or any age) about your own worthiness of success.  

They lower your energetic vibration and significantly impact on what you can attract and create in your life. When they are at play, self sabotage pops up at every step of the way on the path of growing your business.  

This shows up as procrastination, avoidance, hiding in your business, lowering your prices, offering discounts, avoiding sales conversations, struggling to figure out who your ideal client is, constantly updating your offers and being busy with non-money-making activities, plus a whole lot more!

The great news is you can clear energetic blocks and finally start or grow your business with confidence, clarity and direction! 

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Who Am I?

I'm Jacqui Calvert - alignment coach for women entrepreneurs. I help you to clear out energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding back from creating the business and the lifestyle that you dream of, and instead help you to align your energy and your actions to the business and life you really want. 

I haven't always done this work - I spent more than 10 years as an accountant, I have degrees in Commerce and Economics and I job-hopped a lot. Then I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening, became a Reiki Master and wandered off into the world of energy healing where I studied a range of modalities. I struggled with starting my busines until I realised energetic blocks and limiting beliefs were keeping me stuck - then I cleared my blocks and aligned to what I wanted and things fell into place! Now I help women dealing with similar struggles in starting their own business, to finally make it happen for them too.