Your Ultimate Business Breakthrough

Are you an entrepreneur who is stuck in an endless cycle of hustle and hard work, but with minimal results to show for it?

Are you completely tired of feeling frustrated and like you're not getting anywhere, no matter what you try?

Or maybe you're sick of constantly wondering where the next clients and the sales and cash will come from?

If this is you, it's time for a breakthrough!

Introducing the 5 day Aligned Business Breakthrough mini course, a short course designed to shift you and your energy, so that you can start lining up with the results you dream of in your business, and finally start seeing the results happen for you!

So here's the thing. Your business success is entirely dependent on your energy and what you're focused on. So it's very easy, when things aren't working as well as you'd like, to end up in a negative cycle that perpetuates itself, just by your giving attention to what's not working.

Ick! No-one wants that!

This course specifically designed to jump-start your energy into a new, positive direction so you can start creating, and realising, the business you dream of. 

You know, like dreamy clients showing up for you.

Like sales coming through consistently and easily.

Like clarity over what to do next.

Like money flowing in the way you have only imagined.

And of course like you rocking it like the confident business bossbabe you were born to be! 

So what do we cover in the Aligned Business Breakthrough? 

Because you need to start at the start. I know, I know, it's not that exciting and you'd rather just get straight into the juicy stuff. But don't skip this step! It's important to get your foundations right.

Do you have one? If not, don't worry as you will very soon! And if you do, get ready to go deeper and tweak as necessary. No more throwing everything out there and hoping something sticks!

It's all about you babe, stepping into your power and owning your awesome! So if you're not feeling super confident in your business just yet, hold tight because you soon will be!

How do you feel about being visible in your business? On social media? Creating videos on YouTube? Running a webinar? Could you do with a little help? Your help is here!

Oh yes, money. That really important thing that no-one really wants to talk about. Let's talk about it! And get comfortable with it while we're at it. Because let's face it, you're in business to create it, are you not?

Ready for a breakthrough? Sign up for your FREE 5 day Aligned Business Breakthrough mini course now!

But wait, who am I?

I'm Jacqui! I help women just like you to create the awesome business (and life) that you dream of. I'm an energy healer and an energy alignment coach and I work with women entrepreneurs to bring their own energy into alignment with their business and life goals, plus a hearty dose of business strategy and life coaching thrown in for good measure. 

I haven't always done this work - I spent more than 10 years as an accountant, I have degrees in Commerce and Economics and I job-hopped a lot. Then I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening, became a Reiki Master and wandered off into the world of energy healing where I studied a range of modalities. I struggled with starting my business until I realised energetic blocks and limiting beliefs were keeping me stuck - then I cleared my blocks and aligned to what I wanted and things fell into place! Now I help women dealing with similar struggles in their own business, to make it happen for them too. 

If you are SO done with working hard for minimal results, then sign up for Aligned Business Breakthrough and make a change now - because nothing will change until you do.