So you can start living your life purpose now.

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Yes! I'm ready to clear my blocks!

We all know that energetic blocks can stop us from living our life purpose, but how do you clear these 'blocks' once you realise they're holding you back? 

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Yes! I'm ready to clear my blocks!

So, who am I?

Jacqui Calvert

Energy Healer + Life Coach

Hello, I'm Jacqui! I'm a recovering accountant who stumbled onto the spiritual path. I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini awakening, became a Reiki Master, a Pellowah teacher and healer and a Life Coach. I studied Crystal Healing, Tarot and Oracle cards, Flower Essences and and Essential Oils. I have successfully created businesses online and in my local town.  I now  work with people to clear blocks and limiting beliefs so they can start living their life purpose, now. This is your one beautiful life - are you living your purpose?

Yes! I'm ready to clear my blocks!